Professional China factory produce all range any capacity solar power battery,lithium solar batteries , lifepo4 battery etc , 3v~96v 3ah~1000ah , Graceful factory price . Customed all size ok ! 

Vglory battery manufacturer offers high level safety lithium battery through assembled with high quality A grade battery cell . we can custom any lithium battery per customers’ specific requirement , such as size , voltage , capacity , case,handle etc ,

Vglory lithium battery which is good replacement for lead acid battery offering OEM & ODM customized service ; no memory effect , Maintenance Free , so few loss of charge when not in use or storage . most safety and reliable than lead acid battery .

Wide temperature range : 

Can be used under extreme temperature , Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance .

Which widely used in fields E-mobility : E-golf carts , E-motorcycle, E-Scooter, Electric Vehilcle , etc .

Battery with intelligent management system (BMS) such as : the Stable BMS system with short-circuit protection , over-charge protection , over-discharge protection and over-current protection functions , which protect the battery all the time !